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"Helitour Ireland"

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Great shots. love the scenery. :good:

Those monks were really far sighted to include a Helipad in the Monastery grounds! ! It reminds me of something that happened years ago when my ex and I were looking round Kirkstall Abbey in leeds. There was some restoration work going on and the contractors had left some planks sloping down from a doorway to the ground, presumably for wheelbarrows. My then stepson who was then about 6 asked in all innocence ," Is that where the monks used to ride their motorbikes in and out?"

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21 hours ago, jury1942 said:

Ireland Full VFR Volume2: "Many Helipads are fictional, but present to satisfy the fans of the helicopter."

I know mate, you find them in all sorts of places. another scenery file puts a dirty great airport alongside Stonehenge! LOL

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