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Evening bimble,

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"Bimble"  A leisurely pleasurable journey. Took one of the Super Cubs up from Enstone and went south over Oxford before turning west and landing at a convenient airfield.(though I forgot to make a note of which one it was! )











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22 hours ago, Tim_A said:

Good one. I'm off to Enstone tomorrow for a bacon buttie (it being my "local") :D

I tried to teach my ex to drive on the Enstone runway, Had all the co-ordination of a log! A 24 point turn and she still went off the runway! In the early 80s it was also the scene of my very first forced landing when I was learning to fly Microlights. I was in a two seater that had an engine failure on take off and we came down into a farmers cornfield! Farmer wasn't best pleased and told us in no uncertain terms to "get that fu**in airplane out of my field!" Turned out the cause of the engine problem was a bit of Corn chaff stuck in the carburettor! As my instructor said, it's his own fault for putting a bloody cornfield at the end of an active runway!  It's always a lovely field to fly into in FS and brings back a lot of memories. There is a great FSX scenery file for this airfield available. 

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