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RAF Brize Norton

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Hey Guys, does anyone know if there is a scenery add on for RAF Brize Norton. I used to have a pretty decent one in FS9 but cannot find one for FSX. The default one is woefully inadequate and looks nothing like the real airfield which is Britain's main RAF transport hub and is a really busy and large base. 


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The only one I can find is this - http://www.ukmil.org.uk/search.php?q=scenery&t=downloads&r=0

I think it is part of the UK2000 VFR package but how current the version is I do not know.

There is a developer currently working on Lossiemouth who has Brize on his "todo" list - https://militaryaiworks.com/forums/9/16900?p=176344#p176344

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