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EGHF Missing runway 'found'

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Just wanted to share something i stumbled across recently relating to missing runways within the Southampton area of ORBX add on scenery..


For me, it was Lee-on-Solent, my local field where i take lessons (EGHF), so missing parts of the runway was a bit of a disaster, but for this field, at least, there is a solution:

If you have both Orbx England and Orbx Southampton, there appears to be an overlap which causes the missing scenery, so what you need to do is the following:

In the Orbx England Scenery folder, locate the 3 EGHF files


MOVE them from the EU England 'Eng 05' folder to the EGHI Scenery Folder

Make sure that you run the standard ORBX libraries and elevation update afterwards, and the entire runway should be visible.

Not sure if it works for other overlapping sceneries, but worth bearing in mind if you have lots of airport add ons plus the region software as well.

Happy flying all


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Thanks Steph, I use that scenery as you know and hvea the same problems.

I'll be sure to make these alterations a see if they work for me :thanks:

I wonder if the upcoming Orbx TrueEarth scenery will have the same issues?

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On 23/10/2018 at 14:55, mutley said:

Nice work Steph, it worked for me too! :dance3:


Great news Joe

I stumbled across it one day when i was looking for something totally unrelated. 

There are some real 'Gems' out there in the WWW, its just a case of finding them. Metatags.. love 'em


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There are some Spitfires based down there at the moment. Boultbee Flying Academy has moved it's aircraft there for the winter as it means they can still operate whereas the normal base at Goodwood gets a bit waterlogged in winter.

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