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I probably need an education in the art of searching the archives. I tried numerous methods of searching for a solution to my problem and all result in a billion hits for "Radio" or "tune" or "won't". Rats!

Here's my problem: Had to change out my hard drive so I had a 1TB SSD cloned with the contents of my old HDD drive - this is the drive that contained (contains) FSX. Added to that it has been a year since I used the software (health issues, thankfully behind me for the time being). 

So I go to fire up my trusty Beaver and immediately notice that the special gauges (Aerosoft DHC-2) are missing from the panel - empty holes. Strange. OK - deal with that later. Obviously some reference missing somewhere. No time for that now.

Change aircraft - why not the Stock FSX C172? All seems to be in good nick - all gauges present and accounted for and in their traditional locations. Fire up the rascal and start my pre-taxi litany - tune ATIS......wait! Tuning knobs don't do anything. Clicking on the digital numbers doesn't do anything. Whisky Tango Foxtrot!

Reboot FSX - same problem

Reboot computer then FSX - same problem.

Delve into the guts of the panel.cfg file and the aircraft.cfg file - all as it should be. Next stop is to check out Appdata\yada\yada\yada - configuration files present and accounted for - all seems to be in order.

During the process I noticed a few other things; nothing is tunable. The DG isn't moveable, the OBS on the VOR does nothing, the Kollsman window doesn't change on the Altimeter.

??? Any ideas???


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Thanks JA,

I use FSUIPC4 (in FSX and P3Dv3) for all control mapping. As far as I can see all is well with the various xml, cfg and ini files present and accounted for. Interesting thing - P3Dv3 (yes, I still have it around) and P3Dv4 all work fine. It's only the mouse wheel stuff in FSX that doesn't work - any knob tuning is dead. The mouse wheel works in the "zoom" function, as when I hold down the shift key and roll the mouse wheel to zoom in or out.

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Update: I'm still in deep doo doo on this issue.

I completely unloaded FSX per the PMDG methodology. Reinstalled FSX Gold and started from scratch.  This means EVERYTHING. Xml files, Cfg files Ini files. Exe files, directories, sub-directories, weather add-ons, traffic add-ons, ATC add-ons, Add-on add-ons, Track IR, ...........you name it - it's gone (with suitable backups, of course).

Same problem - radios and other widgets that tune with the mouse wheel don't work. Things on the radios that are clickable, such as the "UP" and "DOWN" keys on the autopilots all work as they should. All things outside of FSX that use the mouse wheel also work just fine. P3Dv3 and v4 work fine. Radios tune.

Yikes! Maybe it is time to send FSX out to pasture. Got some good airplanes in there though.

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I have no idea what caused this. I've had the same monitor for over a year. Found this on FlightSim - see: https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/showthread.php?297754-Mouse-scroll-wheel-not-working-properly

The second reply post (from aallan) is the fix.

I'm using the excuse that it was probably time to do a bit of housecleaning in FSX - but I've got my work cut out for me reloading all the stuff It took me all morning to unload.

Keep the shiny side "UP".


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Happy to hear you got it fixed, March.  Given that FSX is kind of long in the tooth now, there probably aren't too many "new" problems out there.  For most things, someone, somewhere, at some time in the past has beat his head on the same rock.  Flight simmers seem to be pretty good about documenting all kinds of arcane things so an Internet search sometimes yields a gem or two.  Good for you.  Sorry I wasn't able to be more help.


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