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Leg 52b. Cairo Embaba HEEM to Alexandria Al Nozha HEAX

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Did you ever suddenly wish your plane had floats? Well I did approaching the Giza district of Cairo. I think they must have deployed one of those painted nets over the place -- like they had in World War 2 to disguise vital facilities from the air -- because that runway turned into a big watery theme park once I'd got there!


Runway 35, as seen from the ground.

Still, at Mutley's we're made of stern stuff, and as I'd seen the Sully movie a few days before, I' knew I'd have no trouble.


There were a couple of hours to kill while a local mechanic straightened one or two minor dents in the wings. Several barrels of Jet-A1 had to be brought across the city from the other airport by camel. Unfortunately it was quite expensive. (Boss: this explains the following item on my expenses: "Camel humping ... $2000")


As we eventually climbed out, the disguise net snapped back into place, giving the illusion of an airport runway.


We did get some nice views of the neighbourhood apartment buildings!


Leaving Cairo behind. We're back to "follow that river!"


(okay, maybe not too closely!)
Settled into the cruise, there's a bit of time to read up about our destination. Alexandria. "Founded in umpty-tump BC by Alexander the Great, it had a lighthouse, powered by the world's biggest library. Later it fuelled a great necropolis. It was known as the centre of Hellenistic culture, presumably because of Helen, who sank a thousand ships. Which rather blocked the harbour. After that, the Muslims invaded, and moved Alexandria to Cairo." Enough of that, I think I'll watch a movie.


Much better. Oh Sylvia...!


The windows are NOT steaming up!


Hmmm. Can't raise the airport on the radio, Can't see much either (I told you it wasn't my glasses steaming up!). Still, as long as we don't run out of land....


We've run out of land! Got any suggestions?


Ok, don't panic. The airport is shaped like a giant Millennium Falcon. It shouldn't be too hard to find. If only we'd read the manual and knew how to work the ILS. Sigh. At least we have an old ambulance...


Must check if the lighthouse is open while I'm here. I couldn't spot it from the air, but then I expect they don't light it during the day. probably burns too many books...


Hurrah! Didn't need that ILS after all. But Boss, there's still no response from the tower. Oh well, 


Finally got the ATIS "Ze airport is clos-ed. Go away." Drat. Seems they closed it for refurb in 2011, then build a different airport instead. Well, we're committed now.


Deserted. Not a flag or taxi in sight. And no fuel either. It's 20 nautical miles to the "replacement" airport at Borg el Arab, so I doubt that's going to arrive soon. I need a beer!


Ahh, goes down well. and Ice cold. In Alex.

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Superb Tim, the communique of the PIREP has only just reached Mutley Towers (The new, very expensive HQ). The company Shrink told me you have been camel humping again,  you  remember what happened in Somalia? They are still cleaning it up now. Prince Charles will be most disappointed, as will 'C' ?

Thanks for the baton, flying out tomorrow to catch up with JG by the weekend.

Whoops, I was a bit previous there, I have stood the troops down :) 


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Another great PIREP Tim, thanks for the entertainment.:hat: Do ATWC participants get a trophy for spending the most money on a leg.:whis:


Is it just me or does it look like the guy lower down the incline in the ambulance shot is staring at her ass while trying to look serious.

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