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Leg 53: King Hussein Intl OJAQ to Baghdad Intl ORBI

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In a break from the norm, leg 53 is a tongue in cheek visual PIREP of what was quite a featureless journey over Middle Eastern desert.

To complete the viewing experience, I transport you back to the classic era of UK cinema, the 70’s, where smoking was on the right-hand side of the theatre, and refreshments were available from cinema usherettes standing at the end of the aisles. 

So pick up your Kia Ora, have a lick of your Lyons Maid ice cream and with a mouth full of Sunkist popcorn and stinking of Hai Karate, please enjoy the film.


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Absolutely brilliant Joe!!

My god, we're going to struggle to top that Lipsmacking, thirst quenching, ace tasting, motivating, cool buzzing, high talking, fast living, ever giving, cool fizzing... PiiiiiiREP :thumbup:

I recognise that Indian Restaurant ad as well.. they used the same at the ABC in Above Bar Southampton for years!!

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PIREP or advertisement. :D  Good show Joe, thoroughly entertaining and thanks for the smile you put on my face.:clapping:

I remember seeing that cologne commercial when I was a youngin' and I stole some of my Dads Hai Karate thinking, well you know. Must have used to much because on the way to school the bus driver made everyone open the windows and no one wanted to sit next to me in class that day. I will give it credit for staying power.:heat: 

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