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Leg 55.1 : Diagoras (LGRP) to Imsik (LTBV)

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X-Plane 11.32

Default Scenery

Default Aircraft: Stinson L5 Sentinel

So, as I was waiting for John over in Maintenance, this mechanic walked over with an irritated look on his face and told me that the pilot that was supposed to ferry my plane over landed in Imsik, thinking that was where he was supposed to leave it; he must have been confused by my destination.  The mech said I could borrow one of the field's trainer aircraft and to just leave it at Imsik.  No charge.  Nice huh?  He was about to leave when he turned back with a frown and said, "You know what really burns my ass?"  Having no idea, I said, "uh, no."  He says, holding his hand about waist height, "A flame, about this high!"

I rolled my eyes and said I'd be by early the next morning to get started.


It was still dark when I got to the hanger.  I didn't see anybody around, but found a note guiding my to my loaner.

Well, there she is:


It looked a little...tired.


I guess I should have gotten a look when it was still light, 'cause I can't find any light switches -- maybe this thing is so old they didn't have lights when it was made.?


Well, in for a penny, in for a pound, right?


I never did find any lights, but I managed to fumble the right knobs and switches to get the thing running.  It actually fired up fairly quickly and had a nice rhythmic purr as I warmed it up.

Dawn had arrived and I was on my way.  I had a map of the region and would be flying by pilotage and dead reckoning -- with no lights, how could I expect even an ADF?




Not a bad flight at all.  A little chill in the air, but we've got windows and they're closed!



I was getting pretty hungry, so I looked around a little more and found something that might have been a sandwich in that bag there.  It looked bad and smelled worse.

What better place to hide the baton, right?



Hey!  I found the lights!  And discovered I had a little over 4 gallons of fuel...



Low on fuel, clouds coming down.  It was at this point that I started sweating despite the chill.



You know, if you fly too low while navigating by pilotage, you could fly into a tall structure or hill even!  I know this because someone else wrote it on the internet.


Anyway, I had to make one last maneuver to duck under a cloud as I headed for Imsik.




While I was shutting down, this guy in a twin taxis out onto the runway and I'm thinking, "Oh, he's going to back taxi and take off.  That'll be cool to watch."



But he turns off the runway and comes over and starts harassing me.  Telling me I can't park here.  What do I think I'm doing flying that old rust bucket around his airfield.  And what's that smell?

I retort with a resounding, "Watch it pal.  This thing has LIGHTS and don't think I wont use them!"



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