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Leg 55.2 : Imsik (LTBV) to Selcuk-Efes (LTFB)

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X-Plane 11

Default Scenery

Hot Start TBM900


Before I set off, I headed over to the castle.  I placed a stone, so as to add to the structure of the fortress; I believe the Papal decree still holds and guarantees me a place in heaven, as I would be considered someone who helped with construction, right?

There it is!  The TBM almost as amazing as Bodrum Castle!  Well, O.K., maybe not.

But still fun to fly.



With the "sandwich bag" safely stowed in the forward stowage compartment, we leave the vomiting twin driver behind.



Gorgeous day for flying!





I shot the VOR approach and for a while was lined up with the roads there to the left.



But, that's enough flying for one day.  Those planes look kind of Military; what are they doing here?



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