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Leg 55.3 : Selcuk-Efes (LTFB) to Ataturk (LTBA)

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Well, it turns out I was running a little late, so I needed something a little faster.

O.K. A LOT faster:



Ahhh, the SR-71.  Yet another example of Kelly Johnson's genius.



I found the lights fairly easily this time, despite having never flown this aircraft.  Although, it take a bit of hunting and pecking to get the engines started.



Hmm...  I hope this runway is long enough.  The team would be awfully upset if it were to run it off the end of the runway.




Sheeeooooot, no problem!



Climbing and accelerating very nicely.




Mach 3.36!!  I think I could have gotten more, but I was starting to hear some strange sounds and throttle back a touch.



But still unbelievably fast!  It occurs to me I should have taken a video of this flyby.  It was...well, fast!




194 miles and something like 20 minutes -- including climb descent and landing!  I think the en-route part of the flight was under 10  minutes.

I had to do a few S turns to get her slow enough to land.






Almost went down too early, not being familiar with the low speed performance.  But, never fear, the baton is safe!



Oh yeah!



Here you go Chuck, the baton is in this old bag here.



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17 minutes ago, Goblin said:

I’m looking at my screenshots above on my iPad and they all look VERY dark.  They look fine on my PC; I hope you can see them ok.

Well it was very secret operation!

Thanks Mike for an interesting combination of vehicles! I have to say I enjoy pottering along as you did in your first.

We press on, and thanks again Mike for transporting the baton to our next location.



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