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Leg 56: Ataturk (LTBA) - Epitalion (LGEP)

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After Mike's rather fast and hot ride into Istanbul, it was time to find a suitably fast aircraft myself. Unfortunately there seemed to be a rather small number of such aircraft, namely the one that just left back to the States. Frustrated, it was time to trawl through the classified ads around Istanbul, barter a bit and see what came out as a result of said negoitaions.

The problem was, it seemed to be well known that the challenge required speed, thus the price for even simple aircraft went sky high. Not wanting to punish the boss any further (especially the credit card facility.....), I had a wander around the local airfields and see what, if anything, could be found at a reasonable price. Even then it took a day or two longer than expected, before finally coming across something useful, and cheap.

Cheap mainly because the owners wanted rid of it, as it was way too large for them. A ferry flight from the local airport to Atarurk was organised to get some type training before being unleashed on Greece.

With a first flight 8,018 days before the last aircraft used in this challenge, the Constellation fires up for one more flight at least


At least the weather is nice this morning, with the sun glinting off the bare metal fuselage.


With the full length of the runway available, the throttles start to get pushed forward


The characteristic flames from the Wright Cyclone engines brightens up the morning


Starting to climb away from the airport and tucking the gear in


Cold engines worked hard for the first time in a long time equals plenty of smoke!


All tidied up, we settle in to a gentle cruise climb to around 14,000ft for the 450nm hop to Greece


Breakfast is served


Chugging along in the cruise



We decided to overfly the airport to see what we were up against. Bags of room......


I do really really like the water effects in P3D!


After one aborted approach, we steady ourselves for the arrival


The tower starts to be evacuated, with them seemingly thinking I was going to hit them....


Not a bad touchdown for someone who is horrendously out of practice!


Rolling out past the tower, making sure not to scratch the wing off it!


And finally shut down next to the tower. Now, how to get out?


Steph - over to you if I can get out!

Sim used: Prepar3D V4, default Constellation

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