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The Picturesque Flight Leg (Flight Leg 5)

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After Flight Leg 1, I continued to fly the subsequent Flight Legs using Active Sky for active real world weather with live updates whilst en route.

A quick summary. Flight Leg 2 was reasonably uneventful except for some cloud and rain. The landing at Argos Orestiko (LGKA) was uneventful except for more rain. On Flight Leg 3, cloud and rain were more persistent throughout the flight with building thunderstorms as I approached Lesbos. By the time I was over the island the thunderstorm activity was heavy and centred over Mytilene (LGMT).....as if it had nowhere else to be. :D With an 18 kt crosswind on landing, I was happy to get down on the ground. My time reflected this as I pushed the downwind leg and botched the timing for the turn to base, resulting in coming in under my Planned Total Flight Leg Time. The departure from Mytilene (LGMT) on Flight Leg 4 was uneventful with cloud being consistent for the flight. On arrival at Kasos (LGKS), I was confronted with another strong crosswind on landing.

So, here I am for my last flight of the MEBAR in the Beechcraft Model 18 Twin Beech. The weather forecast was near perfect with clear skies ahead. Near perfect, but not quite perfect enough. Wind, yes and a strong headwind component of up to 25 kts it was. This was going to make this Flight Leg a challenge to maintain my allocated cruise speed of 165 kts. Of course, I was presented with a crosswind on departure and after climbing out to the initial cruise altitude of 4,000 ft, it was clear I was going to be behind on my Planned Sector Times on Target, no matter what engine settings I used. The only option was to climb, 6,000 ft was no better, so up to 8,000 ft it was. Finally, and still pushing the engines, I was able maintain 165 kts and also gain the lost time. Flight Leg is, by far, the most picturesque Flight Leg so here are some screenshots as proof.

Finally at my adjusted cruise altitude of 8,000 ft with the island of Santorini in the background.


Next up, the island of Naxos, the largest island in the Cyclades island group. Slowly but surely I am making up the lost time, but it could still be close.


Approaching Waypoint 3 with the beautiful island of Mykonos off my starboard wing. Mykonos is renowned for its vibrant nightlife. Probably a good thing the MEBAR didn't have a rest day on Mykonos. The headwind component has eased to 15 kts, easing my concerns now.


The final waypoint ahead, the KRO VOR on the island of Euboea and the turn for Athens (LGAT). I am back on track with my Planned Sector Time on Target and so long as I get the timings for my turns in the circuit right, I should be happy with the result.


The "new" Athens international airport, Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport (LGAV) below.


After 10 days of flying, this long right downwind for RWY 33R seems to take an eternity, but not before too long I am on final approach. On short final, a quick check of the timer and my time is looking spot on against my Planned Total Flight Leg Time. The Acropolis is just visible on the horizon, slightly right of centre.


Runway clear for the final time for the Twin Beech on MEBAR 2019. Now to park up, relax and watch the sunset with some Ouzo.


All the best and good luck to you all.


P.S. Now to do it all again because I decided to run a second entry. :pilotic: :faint:

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Nice to see how it's done Andrew, I like the idea of using real world weather, how did you know what the weather was going to be like next week? You should enter the lotto this weekend! :pilotic:

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