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Error message in FSX .....

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I have upgraded to Windows 10 now, having moved from Windows 7.  I have installed the basic FSX OK and gave it a quick fly. However, when I  installed the Acceleration part (I have the Gold Edition), I got  an error message saying that it can't register the product and an error code 1-80004005 came up after it had been installed.

Any ideas?



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Hi Brian

Thanks for getting back to me.

It is no secret that I am a bit of a technophobe and the idea of messing with the registry got me a bit concerned.  I have also had a number of issues with Windows 10 which I have been working my way through.  Anyway, after trying other ideas (including loading a brand new copy of FSX with the same results), I finally bit the bullet yesterday.  I also found a similar response to what you gave on YouTube, which made it easier to understand rather than just reading.  So, it was sorted yesterday afternoon and thanks for your help, which is much appreciated.

What I don't like about Windows 10 is the lack of choice.  I have been using System Mechanic for years as an anti-virus protector, and if you turn that off to make a download for FSX (which a lot of downloads recommend), the Windows Defender cuts in, so you still have an anti-virus on!  I downloaded a flight sim  plane yesterday and it did not work.  I suspect that is why, so I am still working on that.  I am not sure if anyone else has the same issues??

Thanks in advance


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Martin, you need to have more faith in yourself. 

The registry is not that scary so long as you follow suggestions to the letter.

I used to be apprehensive about dabbling in that dark place but once you've done it a few times, you do get to know where to look the next time.

As for your aircraft download, you more than likely have to add it to the allowed files in defender and your AV software. If you look in the two programs, you should be able to find something like add programs or files to the allowed folder.

Have a look and I will have a look later when I get on the pc.

cheers for now.


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Thanks Needles...(Just found the reply today.  I am not sure why I was not notified of your reply).

I am still having issues.  Some planes work alright when I download them, some don't.  The ones that don't work screw up FSX after I have prepared for flight.  When I try and exit, I get a black screen that I can't do anything with...no response to keyboard or mouse and I end up having to reboot the computer by turning the computer off physically by using the on/off switch on the PC tower itself.  Then of course, you get conflicting information....Just Flight say don't run in compatability mode as it can screw things up, other advise is to run in compatibility mode.  I have an REX weather program that did not work, but running it in compatibility mode got it working OK.  I am getting frustrated here.... :stars:

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