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MEBAR 2017/2018 FIles

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Hi, I only have 2017 found at this link https://app.box.com/s/wmokmewkfjwyoaaviniu5jr4h3b97sr9

and it only includes the flight situation files, one through five that get dumped into the C:\Users\YOUR NAME\Documents\Flight Simulator X Files. Missing is all the other stuff you need to make a flight plan so it won't do you much good unless you can figure it out using the archive threads.

I always wished they made all the MEBAR flight files available in the MEBAR section of the home page so they could all be revisited instead of just the threads talking about them. Hopefully others can help you and did a better job of saving things. Good luck 

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16 hours ago, mutley said:

Actually, I think you can get last year's files here https://mutleyshangar.com/mebar/downloads.html or do you want previous years?


I did check that out and it's only 2019 available there and I was after 2018 and 2017 😀

16 hours ago, mutley said:

One thing to beware of is the airport locations and waypoints etc may have been been corrected in the new sim, previously we were all working with 20 year old data. ;)

Yup, I'll post up new flight files for anyone else that might be interested in recreating these in the new Sim.

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