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Plan-G now available with 64bit support for Microsoft Flight Simulator and P3Dv5

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Plan-G is a free VFR flight planner for MSFS series, P3D and X-Plane. It’s been available since 2008, from http://www.tasoftware.co.uk.

The current release (3.2.2) gives access to MSFS through SimConnect or FSUIPC There is also a public alpha of v4 available through the forum. v4 is a major overhaul to the program, the main benefit to MSFS users is that it can read MSFS nav data, whereas the current release version relies on having data available from another sim.

So, which build do I need?

With one exception, 32-bit will do just fine. That exception is building a database for MSFS/2020, because that requires more than the maximum amount of memory allowed to 32-bit apps. (if I manage to work around it, the need for a 64-bit version entirely goes away.) Using the 64-bit version will prevent you from connecting to FSX or P3d v 3/4 via SimConnect. Unfortunately, there is no "one version fits all" at this time.

32-bit will build an MSFS database which is usable for navigation, but has incomplete airport layout information on AD charts.

Connections chart:

Sim  Local S/C  Remote S/C  XP/FSUIPC
FS9 n/a n/a 32/64
FSX 32 32 32/64
MSFS 32/64 32/64 32/64
P3Dv4 32 32 32/64
P3Dv5 32/64 32/64 32/64
X-Plane n/a n/a 32/64

Latest build updates and fixes:

v4.0.0 (build 221)
* fixed UI font size was not explicitly set
* Fixed UserCfg.Opt file was not found on Steam installs (not tested)
* First leg of flight plan now highlighted if not connected
* Fixed Approach legs had incorrect line width
* Quick Plan: Random Destination button now always active
* Quick Plan: Settings button added to dialog
* Fixed MSFS some addon airports lost their names during db build
* Plan Window now has fixed height notes section
* Conditional compile 32/64 bit
* Fixed X-Plane build database would fail if another db build had been run in the same session
* Fixed issue where magdec was +/- 180 sometimes, instead of 0-360
* Added support for WMM2020
* Logging & title bar now indicate 64 or 32 bit version
* Added setting for Steam Library location (FS2020 Steam edition)

For more enlightenment, please take a look at the TA Software forums directly. http://www.tasoftware.co.uk/forum/index.php?board=13.0

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