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Error message and program not installing

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Hi all.  I am trying to install a program from Just Flight and have not had issues with it before, but I keep getting an error message from the Program Compatibility Assistant saying that the program may have not installed correctly.  In fact it did not do anything!  I have tried to find any clues to see how/if I can turn that wretched compatibility thing off, but so far, no luck.  Anyway ideas on how to proceed?





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Hi Joe. 

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.  Things have been a bit hectic here.

I have done some investigating and it appears that the issue is the interaction between the pre-installed Windows Defender on Windows 10 (which is virtually impossible to uninstall on this version of Windows),and my favored Anti-Virus software (System Mechanic Pro).  Funnily enough, I took my PC in for a 1TB SSD C-Drive to replace the pre-installed smaller one.  Things were alright back then.  Since they have reinstalled the software on C-Drive, I am finding things seem to have changed slightly.  What is happening is that I can use System Mechanic, but if I turn it off to download something, Windows Defender turns on!  I have found that if I uninstall System Mechanic and then turn off Windows Defender, it stays off while I download.  So, this appears to be the solution for the moment, albeit an inconvenient one!

Thanks as always for your input.

Best wishes


P.S.  Stay safe over there in the UK as I know that things are getting bad with regards to Covid.

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