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Hi Guys, Back last year I was forced to obtain a complete new computer.  All good so far, but have discovered that my FSX isn't compatible with Windows 10.! :( So I now have FSX, FS2004 and CFS3, None of which are any good it would seem! What would you guys recommend so that I can get "Chairborne" again? Many Thanks.

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Hi Alan, FSX can be run within STEAM. Though you would have to install Steam and create an account. Then repurchase FSX Steam Edition.  FS9 as far as I am aware will not function within the W10 environment. There may well be a workaround (hack) but I have no knowledge of it. CFS I have no knowledge of, never used it.

You could, rather than stay static, buy MSFS2020.  I did and have it installed....BUT.  I personally do not like it.  Out of the box it is very pretty, outstanding even. Just too Gamey for my taste.  So I fly P3D v4.5, using the full ORBX catalogue up to the release of MSFS2020.  Chose not to upgrade to V5 as I would have lost 32 Airfields. They are unlikely to be updated anytime soon with the release of MSFS.


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Thanks Arnold, I will be grounded for a while then as very little dosh at the moment. I may need to sell off some of my older stuff to raise funds.  We did have a Game exchange in town but that is closed down. Time for a re-think.:(

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