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Night Environment - California North NG Released!!! ✈
Enjoy the most spectacular and advanced night experience out there to date,
Night Environment Next Generation California North brings California North night visuals like never before,
we added more 3D lights, even more colored 3D lights, alternating Traffic Lights, coupled with extensive class controls,

Night Environment NG renders night time flight accurately and with high fidelity like never seen before,
Night Environment NG data is so accurate it can be used for real VFR night flight training,

Night Environment Next Generation is rendered at LOD16 (0.5 meter/pixel) and is the most ideal companion 
for existing Photoreal sets like ORBX TrueEarth, Mega Scenery Earth, or Custom photoreal sets,
NE NG even works without any Photoreal set to deliver exquisite night flight experience.

Official Release info here




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Other than an obscure logo in the top right corner of the attached video, your announcement doesn't explicitly state which simulator versions the product is compatible with. With the majority of the current focus of major 3rd party development on MSFS, this can be misleading.

I had to go to your Forum release announcement and then to your online shop before I confirmed it is only compatible with the legacy flight sims, and then only the later versions of P3D at that. I might further add that this is further contradicted by the labeling on the top of the product image which displays FSX and Dovetail logos.



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