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Build Log - 1:72, Airfix, A08001, Avro Lancaster B Mk.II

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Airfix A08001 Build Log 00 - (600 x 330).jpg


  • Description and Catalogue Number: Airfix, Avro Lancaster B Mk.II, A08001
  • Scale: 1:72
  • Contents: Five sprues, 210 parts in light grey plastic; one sprue, 29 parts in clear plastic; markings for two aircraft.
  • Comments: Excellent detail for the scale and simple to build. Various build options, including adding the ventral turret and different flap positions. Not all parts are used and some parts are common across other kits. No ordnance provided. To display the model with ordnance, the model kit, 1:72, Airfix, A05330, WWII RAF Bomber Re-Supply Set, or another suitable 3rd party aftermarket ordnance kit has to be purchased separately.


"Idle hands are the devil's workshop.". So, what better way to stave off this being a reality and to keep the vibe of this model building theme alive than to start a new model build.....in between the builds of my other three current projects. The Avro Lancaster needs no introduction other than to say this kit nicely models the Mk.II variant with Bristol Hercules radial engines and includes the option for the much maligned ventral turrent. I have other Avro Lancaster model kits in 1:48 and 1:32 scale in my "stable" (stash beyond life expectancy) and I am using this 1:72 scale build to refine my skills before I embark upon those larger projects. The detail on the radial engines and landing gear bays will also provide the opportunity to employ some special effects in painting.

The Build

As I am consistently finding with the modern Airfix kits, the detail and quality of the parts continue to be good. Again, we start with the cockpit build which is mounted on top of the bomb bay. Based on some research, I deviated from the simplistic paint schema for the pilot position and enhanced it slightly. The benefits of thinning your paints and applying it in several coats to avoid the brushed on plaster look with a four inch paint brush and the use of effective masking and the airbrush are clearly evident in the series of photos below.

Airfix A08001 Build Log 01 - (400 x 370).jpg  Airfix A08001 Build Log 02 - (400 x 370).jpg

The interior build also includes the flight engineer, navigator, and radio operator stations with a nice map decal for the navigator's station and an instrument decal for the flight engineer panel. The wing spars are also added at this stage and they form the basis for the build of the landing gear bays and engine mounts for the number two and number three engines. I opted to build the model with the ventral turret and the turret ring can be seen located behind the bomb bay in the bottom right photo below.

Airfix A08001 Build Log 03 - (400 x 300).jpg  Airfix A08001 Build Log 04 - (400 x 300).jpg

Airfix A08001 Build Log 05 - (400 x 300).jpg  Airfix A08001 Build Log 06 - (400 x 300).jpg

With the interior build complete, it was time to join the fuselage havles. From years past, I remember this as always being problematic on bomber builds. Advance 45 years and nothing has changed in this area. For all the other improvements in model manufacturing, bowing and warping of the fuselage halves are still the bane of modellers. Luckily, one fuselage half was reasonably straight, and with some coercing and gluing area by area, I was able to end up with a reasonable result. The final build for this stage was to add the upper wing sections.

Airfix A08001 Build Log 07 - (400 x 300).jpg  Airfix A08001 Build Log 08 - (400 x 300).jpg

To be continued.....


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