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Kathmandu Nepal approach

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I have tried to fly a 737 to Kathmandu in Nepal. After making the route in Navigraph and choosing VOR for RWY 02, I have used this for the most part. But ends up completely wrong in the approach, see the pictures.

Navigraph says VEPT / 07 DCT MOVRI DCT RATAN DCT GURAS VNKT / GURAS.D02 But after preparing FMC with DEP and ARR, LEGS says the following, which sends me completely off the route: MOVRI ROMEO RATAN GURAS FD108 60VO2 40VOR MD108 RW02. This looks more like an RNAV route, as the SIMLINK arrow shows. What did I do wrong in FMC programming?

Regards Paal Ronningen

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