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Missing DLCs

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I'm running Win 10 version 14.4.2 on my desktop.

I want to install some of my DLC list but I'm  puzzled as to where the are for they appear to have gone not hiding,

is their a sleuth out there who can offer clues?

In hope, thanks.

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I keep a book of my DownLoadable Content 😃 so I know which vendor I have purchased the relevant items from. Sadly some of these sources have gone out of business over the years and so some DLC has been lost that way, and some items have been withdrawn for various reasons. Freeware DLC sometimes disappears at the whim of the author, or perhaps when the author passes away

Fortunately these cases are few and far between. I keep my book as, for me, disappearing DLC is largely a source - memory thing! 

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I have discovered where the files are lurking...

C:\Program Files (x86\Steam\steamapps\Common\FSX\DLC

and there follows some of the items that I've bought, each with a numbered indicator.

The final problem, how to activate each one for it's not simple right click and Activate.

Any offers will, be most welcome.


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Today the sun has shone forth. At last, after repeated requests for help on every site that deals with steam FSX, with the aid of computer advisor I have finally cracked the problem of installing these eight outstanding DLCs that has been giving me a load of grief for all too long. 
Ring out glad bells.

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