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I got my invite today for preview of W11, it was a very shallow presentation. Hopefully, it's just going to just be a sheep in wolf's clothing? i.e. just prettier with a few improvements. I prefer the centred task bar, an unashamed copy of IOS? 

I will definitely fun it on my laptop as it has passed the compatibility test, not so sure of the FS PC yet. 

Try looking here (The link may not work) https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/windows/windows-11?ocid=eml_sv_cons_wip_awr_announce


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I'm almost sure I remember MS spokes[insert your preferred gender/pronoun/species reference here] saying that Win10 would not be replaced, just upgraded ad infinitum.   Maybe the name change is just an upgrade.


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The impression I got is that the changes are mainly cosmetic - there appears to be very little different under the hood. On the plus side that means it's more likely to run on more kit. On the negative side, same old same old in new clothes.

But hey, it's got rounded corners, just like MacOs, and iPadOs, and...

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