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The Tragic Flight of N79NX - Events Recreated Leading to the Loss of Control of the Pilatus PC12

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The tragic flight events of N79NX were recreated with Flight Simulator and the National Transportation Safety Board Preliminary Report to help understand what went wrong on February 13, 2022. There are many possible reasons that led to the loss of control in this airplane. Hopefully, the final report from the NTSB will shed light on the exact cause of this accident.

Video replaced with the above.

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2 hours ago, mutley said:

Wow, a superb documentary Doering, the graphics and music were amazing. I wonder if carbon monoxide poisoning could have been an issue.

Hi Joe. Thanks and what a great suggestion for a possible cause. If you leave comments on YT, could you leave this comment on the YT video? It would certainly help to further the conversation. Thanks!

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