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Historic Archerfield Airfield, Brisbane, Australia - WW2, Pre-WW2, & its own cemetery!

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Come with me to visit historic Archerfield airfield just outside Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, once the main airfield for Brisbane, now its main GA airfield. Learn about its WW2 and pre-WW2 history, and about some of the famous people who have passed through it. Also, enjoy a tour of Brisbane city center and the famous Gold Coast just south of Brisbane. Hope you enjoy. Cheers.



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Thanks Frank, lot of great pictures in this one along with the history that goes with them.

When OZx came out I did a bunch of flying on the East coast, checked my records and never landed at Archerfield but took off from there three times. A city nearby along with a waterway always makes for a nice flying spot and flying GA I tend to stay away from the international airports. I guess YBAF hit those criteria. Thanks again for another good one.

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