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Complete Voice Data Recorder Transcript - Synopsis of the Tragic Flight of N79NX - 4K

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A follow up video with the complete voice recorder transcript. Unprepared may be the best word to summarize the flight.

Timestamps: Intro 0:07 Trouble from the beginning 0:56 Flight plan entry problems 1:50 N79NX enters restricted airspace 2:59 Frustration elevates 5:19 Runway change 7:15 Anxiety + confusion with CIGOR 8:00 Panic 10:47 Chilling last words 11:50 Final 3 seconds of transcript. 13:38 Voice recorder insight SYNOPSIS 14:27

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Before watching any accident video I always first think of those on board and their families, sad all around. :cray:

We can learn from the mistakes of others and should, yet I always feel like I'm experiencing that human trait that causes us all to slow down on the highway to look at accidents, we are all a curious lot.

Thanks for the video Doering, it reminded me of when I first started simming and wasn't ahead of anything on the aircraft. I would like to read the final report because there are a bunch of unanswered questions in the vid as far as, why was the pilot in such a hurry, who was flying and when, why did the pilot/co-pilot make such basic mistakes when dealing with inserting the flight plan and what mode they were in. Or maybe it was a point in time when nothing made any sense and it ended in fatalities for no reason at all other than fate. Oh-oh, maybe this vid has me feeling a bit morose, lol. :help: :D

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