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New Zealand's 1st Licensed Airline, Air Travel (NZ), 1934-47 (MSFS)

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Much loved & respected Bert Mercer started New Zealand (NZ)'s 1st licensed airline with his De Havilland Fox Moth in 1934 servicing the rugged, west coast of NZ's South Island. His airline, Air Travel (NZ) Ltd, grew in scope & popularity & provided valuable service during WW2. It ceased operations when subsumed by NZ's nationalisation of its airlines in 1947. Mercer himself died tragically as a passenger in one of his own aircraft in 1944. Hope you find it interesting. Cheers.


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I like this story, the best way to build a business is by getting out there and beating the bushes and that is exactly what Mr. Mercer did. And what a place to do it in, gorgeous part of the world with plenty of opportunity. Thanks Frank, another great video story. :thumbup:

A shame the government took over the flying business, something wrong about that in my mind.

As another side note(s), I always liked the way folks wore suits back then, even when working. Also, anyone else wonder what the inside of that plane smelled like. ^_^ Never saw this plane before so looked up some images of inside and out, I liked the way Dh put a small window on the instrument panel so the pilot could see the passengers. Okay, I'm done writing what's in my mind....

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