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Anniversary of World's Worst Civil Aviation Accident (MSFS)

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This is an updated version of my Jan 2023 video on the crash of two Boeing 747s (Pan Am & KLM) on the runway of the airport on the Island of Tenerife, Canary Islands, 27 March 1977. This update includes additional information on the crash from official sources, and a short interview with the surviving co-pilot from the Pan Am aircraft. With a death toll of 583, it remains the world's worst civil aviation accident. Hope you find it interesting. Cheers.


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I don't remember exactly what the details were but I seem to think there was a reason why the controllers let both taxi down the runway, mostly due to crowding. I tend to blame the KLM Captain for not asking for clarity and his impatience in wanting to take off. Hard to blame Pan Am since there wasn't clear markings for the taxiway turnoffs. Due to the heavy fog and unclear voices of the ATC the KLM Captain should have been a bunch more cautious. 

Thanks for the updated info Frank. 

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