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727 on finals

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great stuff rob. A lovely image...the only thing letting it down are those dreaded jaggies, but this may have been a result of up/downsizing to fit the restrictions of the free image hosts, i dont know....either way mate, lovely stuff!

would be nice to see the before shot to see the change

+1 i'd like to see the before also....

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Thanks guys

No can do with the before shot i'm afriad, I just took the shot and edited straight away


Rob, may i draw your attention, in the most repectful manner of course, to the below:

Rules of Screenshot Editing

  1. [*:39utq2r8]Always save the original as a BMP and duplicate to a PSD or similar layered format for editing[*:39utq2r8]Never edit on the original.[*:39utq2r8]Remember to save to the duplicate or 'working copy' of the image, and never the original.[*:39utq2r8]If it ever goes Pete Tong, revert to the original and start again!

hope that helps mate :bowdown:


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