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Tutorial: Adding New Waypoints to FS9 or FSX

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I've written an illustrated how-to article describing the process for adding waypoints (intersections, GPs Waypoints, fixes) to FS - it works for FS9 and FSX. The publication of the article here at MH was announced in an update post to a thread in the Flight Simulation sub-forum where I originally sought enlighenment on the topic, but since the update post is buried at the end of a long, technical thread, most MH readers probably did not stumble over it.


After doing some research to figure out how, it turns our that the process for adding waypoints to FS is quite simple. It involves a very small bit of XML code, but everything can simply be copied in from the examples I give in the article, so there's no need for anyone to be scared off by that.


I did this because I was finding it impossible to fly current, RW STARs because of some Intersections and GPS waypoints that are absent in FS9. Learning how to do this has solved that problem for me.


If you're interested in the article you can find it here...


Waypoints Tutorial


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hi mutley,


 a big thanks for the tutorial. i had to download a free online xml compiler to create a xml dummy file. thereafter it was a breeze creating waypoints around airports in south india. i was able to make realistic flight plans in fs9 and had a great time flying many aircraft in the fs9 which do not have a fmc .


i also fly the x plane. but i find the fs9 is more immersive ..easier to fly and a comes with a great ATC package too. i am a real life dhc q 400 pilot with spicejet....but spend a lot of time on my flt sim. i plan to make a full set of waypoints for all the airports in india and upload for everybody to use and enjoy. once a big thanks for ur tutorial.


many happy landings


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Just read this tutorial for the first time John. Kudos on a well written and comprehensive article on the subject. :thum:  I think I'll name my first waypoint after you (JALRD) :D


Welcome to the site Vijay :hat:  Glad you dug up this fine little nugget of a post.

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you know considering you Yanks have only spoken English for a short while, and your president refuses to acknowledge to the American people that English is the nations language (probably because the majority now speak Spanish)

I thought that was quite spiffingly well wrtten and informative

Well done and thanks.

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Thanks, bf. 


I hope you won't make the mistake of thinking that all Americans see things as our President does. 


I've actually spoken English since I was a pup, just like you.  I was taught to write by the Sisters of (no) Mercy, who hoped to earn their place in Heaven by forcibly inflicting education upon unsuspecting, unwilling and unappreciative young boys.


This article was written way back in 2009, but is still be pretty valid.  The FAA and the other aviation authorities world-wide seem to be intent upon justifying their jobs by publishing and republishing STARs, DPs and IAPs so there's never any shortage of new waypoints to be added.



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I'd very much like to read your tutorial on Adding Waypoints, having just joined this forum, but your message at the start of this topic ends as:


" If you're interested in the article you can find it here... "


and I can't see any link/connection as to where the tutorial is...


Can you refresh/reprovide the link/





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Welcome to Mutley's Hangar, and thanks for your interest in my work.  The waypoints tutorial is pretty dated but is still completely valid.  It's at...




===== EDIT - No longer available for download - E-mail me if you want it =====

There is also a download in the Mutley's Hangar file library that contains almost 2,900 real-world waypoints that are not in stock FSX.  Those are here...





If you have problems or need more help, post back here or contact me via e-mail or PM and I'll be happy to try to help out.  I haven't worked with these in a long time but it's like riding a bicycle... when you get old you don't need a helmet any more because you can't get hurt by a blow to the head.


John Allard


EDIT: I've also gone back to the original post that you found and edited it to add the link.  It probably got lost in migrating the forum to new software a while ago.



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