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Boeing 767 Pedestal Project

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The project is looking great Jack. Can't wait til next month when your cdu arrives. Will be using one of the support signatures. Well done mate, I'm as they say, 'really jealous'.

Regards et al.


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Looking very nice. I think the transponder and CDU will really make it.

Have you orderd any of the dummey units yet?

Nah not really sure when these will be purhcased - The CDU is an expensive & big buy, so the next purchase won't come immediately after!

Rest assured though - They will eventually be ordered.

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An update here on the Transponder Progress.

I am working on it tonight (Fri 22nd Jan). I don't know how much I get done tonight... All will be done in the usual Blog Format tonight (I promise).

The reason it is so hard to mount is purely because I have no (well hardly any) overhanging ledge space to work with.

If (for those who own one) you take a look at the Saitek Radio Panel, you'll notice that the Avionics at the front feature a much larger panel than what is at the back. This creates a width space between the sides of the Panel. It is this space that I can mounth with.

One the Saitek Radio Panels, I had about 2-2.5cm to work with. On the Transponder Module, I've got something like 0.8cm to work with... If I drill incorrectly I'll smash right through the PCB and bye-bye

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Friday 22nd January

I have produced a "Practice Mount" for the Transponder (purely because the dimesnions are so acute and precise).


This was done on a scrap piece of MDF. Tomorrow The Transponder will be removed from this and mounted onto the real Pedestal (or at the VERY latest by Sunday).

So yes, Transponder fully Mounted this weekend!

Also, for those of you who don't know, I'll be drilling a few holes in the back to allow the cables of my Brand new USB Hub (Powered) to run through. This USB Hub is there to allow the cables of the Modules to neatly plug together (it's inside the Hull of the Pedestal).

For those who wish to see the plans that were made for Mounting the Transponder, please look below:



Thanks for viewing guys!


Jack :dancea:

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Exciting news! I cease to be amazed at the complexity of what you are doing and the apparent skill you have to do it.

Thanks very much! I guess I try so hard purely because I'm so scared of what would happen if I did something wrong!:eyebrow:

By the way - The Transponder has been Mounted - Photos will be up tomorrow!

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Sunday 24th January 2010

Transponder has been Mounted! I have also drilled two holes in the back to allow the cables of the USB Hub to flow out of. Just like in the real Aircraft, the Transponder has been Mounted just below the F/O Radio.

Anyway, time for the pictures!




A look at the two holes drilled for the USB Hub Cables:


A look inside the Pedestal at the USB Hub:


That's all for now then. Next Module to Purchase and Mount is the CDU. Not sure when this will happen, it all depends on how quickly I get old stuff sold on Ebay. Within this potentially lnog time period I will probably start to plan some of the Dummy Unit installations.

By the way - If you notice on some of the pictures that it looks as if some of the sides have been "Sanded Down" and poorly painted, this is not the cae. It is just the huge massive flash on my camera highlighting every tiny little detail, making it look so.

Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope you have enjoyed the current progress!


Jack :winka:

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Information Regarding Opencockpit's 747 CDU

Just thought I'd give this quick little post regarding the O/C CDU (for your intrest). I am hoping to purchase the CDU as soon as I am able to do so.

The Opencockpit's 747 CDU is a completely Plug&Play Unit. You just plug it in (via USB), then run IOCModules (a program made by Opencockpit's to allow their Modules to run).

This should get it working (please bear in mind it only works with the following: Level-D 767, PMDG 747/737, (Possibly) 757 Captain, and some others).


As you can see from the above picture, it looks like a real 747 CDU.

Unfortunately, it is not backlit and also does not have a light above the "EXEC" Key (although this can be added with a bit of soldering and programming).

The Keys are Hard and not Soft.

It is not compatible with TH2G or anything like that (as it uses your GFX Card's TV Output).

The screen of the CDU is coloured.

It is a Friendly Module (ie it won't conflict wit hother Hardware/Software).

It is metal constructed and measures 15cmX22.5cm.

The Module costs

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