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Guess the Airport!

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Esperance YESP Western Australia by chance?

WooHooo thank god!

You got it Joe!


- This Airport likes to say Yes Please to the ICAO (The ICAO Code is YESP)

- This Airport is Twinned with a French Coastal Town (Saint Martin De-Re)

- Esperance is famous for its Nickel Exports

- This Town is named after a French Ship (The L'Esperance)

- This Town is in the Western Side of my favourite country (Australia, of course!)

- Airport is 23KM North of the Town it serves

Take it away Joe!

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Hi Guy's

I am sure you are right with Ataturk.

(a) The airport layout looks right.

(B) The runways total length of 17389ft. matches. if you look closely on google, runway 36R-18L has a large X both ends so must be closed to traffic.

So if you add the other two active runways together the total comes to 17389ft.

© Ankara is about 225 miles away as the crow :dance: flies. So could be called close by!!!

Joe me thinks you have been abit Cheeky with this one. :winka: :winka:

Nice One Matey.

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Phil, you are right! :winka:

Apologies for the "Herring Rouge" about the capital.

I think the total runway length is correct, the figure is based on FSX values.

The airport is named after the countries founder - Mustafa Kemal Atat

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I think there's something Freudian about your 'Ottoman' - remember this, from your youth.....

A bear, however hard he tries,

Grows tubby without exercise.

Our Teddy Bear is short and fat,

Which is not to be wondered at;

He gets what exercise he can

By falling off the ottoman,

But generally seems to lack

The energy to clamber back........

Reminds me of something..... (gentle snoring). :winka:

Cheers - Dai. :winka:

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Of course not, but I think the King of France came into the poem somewhere!

..... One night it happened that he took

A peep at an old picture-book,

Wherein he came across by chance

The picture of a King of France

(A stoutish man) and, down below,

These words: "King Louis So and So,

Nicknamed 'The Handsome!'" There he sat,

And (think of it!) the man was fat! ... :yess:

And, yes, I am a Pooh fan, too. :thum:

Cheers - Dai. :cool:

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Hi Phil,

I think i have worked out some of your first clues, not sure about (you may fly to someone who ) So I am still working on it.

Maybe another clue would help!!! :rockon:

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