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2 New releases from Aerosoft

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From the offices of Aerosoft:

Mega Airport Amsterdam


Aerosoft released Mega Airport Amsterdam this week.

At this moment only in an FS2004 version but the FSX version will follow soon. Like all products in the Mega Airport range it is a fully featured scenery using AESlite to make the platforms and roads come to life. Full AES support is available very soon in the new version.

Amsterdam Schiphol is a very large airport with 6 (!) runways and a very complex taxiway system. Build on a high resolution base it includes all buildings and objects that make up this fascinating airport. Of course the FSX version will be free for customers who buy this version. If you check out the screenshots on the product page at the (renewed) Aerosoft site you see it all looks very nice. The first reports from customers also seem to be very positive, with good frame rates and great views.


Product Page: http://www.aerosoft-shop.com/products/megaairportamsterdam/megaairportamsterdam.html

Price: 21.00 Euro (plus VAT when applicable)


Menorca X

Aerosoft has been working on a series of scenery to cover the Balearic Islands and today released Menorca X.

They covered the whole island with great textures and high definition mesh and using AESlite there is no shortage of moving vehicles on the main airport.

The scenery is both for FSX and FS2004, but rather different for both sims. The FSX version is many times bigger as it covers the whole island with high detail 50 cm textures. But in both sims this seems to be a very solid scenery created by Sim-wings. The screenshots show an island that thousands will recognize from their holidays.



Product page:http://www.aerosoft-shop.com/products/menorcax/menorcax.html

Price: 16.75 Euro (plus VAT when applicable)


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