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Yes I'm back........but no better

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Well as promised quite a while ago now, here are some new videos for the start of 2010.

Heres a recent shot from filming at Gatwick nearly 2 months ago. What you see in use is the same camera I have been using for many years now along with the addition of a Rode Videomic and a Sony telephoto lens for some more close up shots. Oh and a rather idiotic unattractive boy :whis:


Anyways. Here are the few videos to start off with. First is a shot with a BA 777 taxing head on. This was a fairly lucky shot as the taxiway they normally use parallel to the runway their using as a temporary taxiway was closed :cool: Theres also a version of this with a 747, just visit my channel and you should find it on the recent videos :good:


And then here is Gatwick in slow motion. You may remember I done one early last year. Well since then I have managed to create another and it seems to be quite a bit better.


Well thanks again for watching, and I hope to keep you more up to date as much as possible, but as it's my final year in school, that has to take priority :winka:

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