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Hi guys. I'm kinda new around here so I thought I would introduce myself and bring something to the table with me.

A2A Sim is working on something new. And for all us Accusim lovers thats good news.

Man look at those cowls move with the engine~ :winka:

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Hi Dizzy :winka:

I am definitely an Accusim fan and I just love the interaction and feedback from the crew.

Rosario is a great fan too so it looks as though they will have at least 3 sales!


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Oops - sorry Dizzy, didn't notice this post - I've put something in the Press Releases thread. I am in awe of the work the A2A guys have done with this sim, and the extent of the 'realism' offered with this aircraft is incredible.

Rather than repeat myself here, have a look at the Press Releases thread, or perhaps mutley may want to move that thread over to here!

Great screenshots jankees - I have downloaded so many of your repaints from Ozx!


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