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Who said works dull!?! + quick update

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Hi guys,

Before I even start,

I'd ike to say a quick sorry for not contributing much recently. I am currently at the very tail end of my GCSE's and I also have work to attend to.

Hopefully you shall see me more on these forums in the near future.

Overall working at Gatwick means that during weekends when I usually film there, means I'm usually sick of the place before the weekend, so filming there for the time being has taken a dramatic decrease.

However my youtube channel is still updated with video from flying, and my most recent includes some spin training and flight videos.

Anyway, straight onto topic. I work for a company at Gatwick called Blackjack, and we basically assist with passengers and airport projects ETC helping them out. So this means I generally work at secuirty just making sure you naughty chappys don't bring too much liquid onboard the aicraft and I also help promoting things.

One of our recent projects was to help the launch of the new look Gatwick airport. This involved building a temporary sandpit in South terminal arrivals and ploping some of our tidy looking babes and chaps onto the sandpit in some rather nice beach wear. The idea is supposedly to promote destinations ETC......Well.....I'm either too busy looking at other parts of the picture, but I cant really see where it promotes it.....but hey......9 hours just generally making sure everything was going smoothly....I couldnt really complain .....


Anyways.....if any of you are flying out of Gatwick this summer or anytime soon, let me know :wub:

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