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Just Flight have a cunning plan!

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Press release from JF Towers!


Just Flight is pleased to announce the release of the first volume in its Visual Flight Plans UK series

What's that old saying? "Failure to plan is to plan for failure!" Just Flight has no worries on that score. The first volume of VFR Flight Plans UK is available now. This program consists of a set of plans that cover nine interesting flights around South-East England and is available to download exclusively from Just Flight’s website at £12.99 / €19.95 / $24.99. The user is provided with comprehensive information about each flight and this includes VFR maps, images of the waypoints on the route and a flight plan sheet with headings, times and distances. There are also files to install into FSX or FS2004 and pilots can follow the route using the GPS or display the VFR map on screen as they fly in FS2004.

Flight 1 From Dunsfold to Lydd

Flight 2 From Lydd to Rochester

Flight 3 From Rochester to Luton

Flight 4 From Luton to Stansted

Flight 5 From Stansted to Wattisham

Flight 6 From Wattisham to Beccles

Flight 7 From Beccles to Marham

Flight 8 From Marham to Fenland

Flight 9 From Fenland to Waddington

VFR Flight Plans UK (Vol. 1) is compatible with Flight Simulator X or 2004, and can also be used with Flight Simulator 2002 and X-Plane. Just Flight recommends the use of its VFR scenery program such as VFR Real Scenery to get the best from this software.



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