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ChCh Earthquake.

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A few months ago a earthquake hit ChCH (Christchurch in NZ), when I was there for my dads funeral they were still having aftershocks (20mins when walking to my uncles car we felt the first one). They just had another one.

My family is all in the Cantebury region (a few in Wellington), and they are fine. My auntie apparntley just made it from a collapsed building!!

Wish you the best guys.


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I would keep checking back to the ninemsn site, ever few hours.

Latest news is now:

An Australian woman awaiting rescue from a collapsed office building in Christchurch has told Nine News she is trapped in the dark and unable to move.

65 still confirmed dead, lets hope it doesn't raise anymore!!

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Very bad news indeed. The news coverage looked like it's a really nasty situation down there.

News on big quakes always makes me glad I live in a geologicaly stable part of the world.

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