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The Best Video You Will Ever See

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....hmmmm, might be just my personal preference, but i got bored around minute 4 of the video...

Yeah it was well directed, nicely put together and had a good soundtrack, but other than that just, to me, it felt like they were all random clips of ordinary airliners and ordinary people doing their normal day-job on an ordinary day at an ordinary airport......or did i miss something?

Like i say, not my preference really, i'd rather watch radial and other war-time props chugging away as they do their pre-flight checks, taxi to hold and take off before doing a pass of the airfield and then off into the distance any day of the week....

but other than that, thanks for the effort Sam, it appears i'm in the minority in not really rating the video but, then, that's what this is all about.

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I love how the first Thai pilot uses a slight bit of aerodynamic braking by keeping the nose up - and it was still graceful! I love that Thai livery, glittering in the sun. The A380 pilots waving away

Do SIA have a regular service, as I've seen in the video 9V-SKJ, SKE and SKH

Thanks for sharing Sam!

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