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Whats next to purchase?

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My too buy list for FSX is very long. I have about $75 going into Paypal from eBay tonight (more expected!!), so ive listed the top 6 on my list, opinons please (it will run for about 15 hours as im not home tonight):




4- Real Air Turbine Duke

5- RealityXP GNS 530

6- FTX AU RED (to finish my AU regions!)

There is alot more, but right now they are at the top.. What do you think, im getting a review copy of the Carenado Baron so I thought it would be nice to have the RealityXP with that.

Out of those 6, list them from 1 to 6 (With 1 being what I should get and 6 being what I should probably skip).

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I'm a big fan of regions rather than individual airports. Airports for me don't represent particularly good value for money, because you might visit them once or twice and then you move on. (Of course, if you have a particular attachment to an airport -- say it's your home field, or a hub for your VA, AH base etc -- then it's different and you'll likely get good use out of it). Regions on the other hand give you large areas to explore, which could keep you going for many weeks or months, and are much better value IMHO

So I'd put AU Red at the top, and then the plane and the airports.

The RXP is not such an easy choice. It's not a casual upgrade and I think you need to want it. The integration with FS is not seamless - it doesn't share flightplans or the nav database. But it does behave like a proper Garmin, and does a lot of things the FS GPS doesn't. And if you need that, or you know you definitely want it, then go for it. But don't expect it to be a simple install & forget replacement.

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Thanks for the comments! Im leaning really towards the Turbine Duke as that would be great for me to tour PNW & PFJ!!


I cant get both, its only one. Though if I got AU RED, I could get YBCS or KCMW aswell.

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Alright so ive just come up with what I think is a smart idea! :D

I wanted to get an orbx scenery and an aircraft;

My budget is $55AUD max, and I could get FTX YSTW for $24 and the Milviz C310R (I wanted it for awhile, but Brian's review was 'grabbing') for $30.

What do you think, I think that would be the smart move :)

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Aidan, sorry for late reply, been busy doing stuff wifey wants me to do.:001_th_smiles48:

Enjoy your C310R, I do. It's a nice little craft.

Good luck with your other purchases.


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