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Just Flight Airbus Series Vol1 Out Now!

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Press release from JF towers-

Airbus Series – Volume 1 is NOW OUT. Get your copy of the definitive Airbus package for just £29.99/€44.95/$59.99 and become the Pilot In Command!

Full details at: http://www.justflight.com

The Airbus series of short-to-medium range airliners, derived from the classic A320, have made their mark on the airways of the world. The A318, A319, A320 and A321 are operated by airlines across the globe and now the development team at FeelThere/Wilco Publishing has accurately re-created these popular aircraft for Flight Simulator X and 2004.

• Comes with an avionics suite that puts each aircraft in the top of its class - FMGC, MCDU, IRS and FADEC are simulated

• Unique features include a detailed passenger cabin with in-flight display screens and a choice of complexity levels from Beginner to Expert

• The A319, A320 and A321 come with a choice of engines between CFM and IAE engines, with their specific sounds, displays and flight dynamics.

• Printed manual includes a brilliant Just Flight tutorial to help you become the Pilot In Command of this Airbus fleet!

• The exceptional realism of this simulation has been achieved by a dedicated team of professionals who have re-created the onboard systems, interiors, sound environments and flight models in great detail. Their work has been checked at every step of the way by qualified Airbus captains and instructors.

• Virtual pilots can choose from three different levels of complexity from Beginner to Advanced. You can fly the aircraft that best suits your ability or preference.

SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS: Microsoft™ Flight Simulator X (SP1) or 2004 – Windows XP

HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS: PC with 2.5GHz (equivalent or higher) processor, 1.0Gb RAM, graphics card with 128Mb (or higher) video memory, DVD-ROM drive, Hard disc space 2.0Gb

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