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I have been having a couple of ctd's and OOM issues recently, considering I am using Windows 7 /64 with plenty of available RAM, does anyone have any suggestions on how I can make FSX's use of memory more efficient?

I have started moving some addons that use simconnect to another machine to reduce the load on the CPU but that is still work in progress, I am sure I must be missing a trick, any ideas?



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Unless you've already done so, run a memcheck to rule out faulty RAM. That's what had me digging in my computer last spring...

Other than that, sorry no good ideas...

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Hey Joe,

This isn't good news. You being our esteemed leader and all that, I take your machine as a benchmark to reach one day. This news doesn't exactly settle my nerves you know.

Hope you get it sorted mate. Your system spec's should be able to fly without FSX :icon_bowdown:

Got mine built but I made a boo boo. I forgot to order a sata optical drive :001_th_smiles48: . I have now ordered a bi-directional sata to ide converter. £5.99 from pcworld delivered FOC. Numpty!:wacko:

Had a fly earlier and the results are extremely positive. I wasn't using any instruments though, just the keyboard for a test. The scenery is updating without noticing any stuttering. Brilliant.

Catch you later and hope you sort your oom error out.


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Hi John,

with FSX SP2, you shouldn't need to do that, I may still have my SetAffinity to 15 so I will check that, looking at the CPU performance, I would say it is using multi cores, when I look at the memory it is pushing 2.5 Gb, it may be because I am running very detailed scenery, WX and aircraft. Generally it will crash when changing screens.

When I installed my SSD things didn't go exactly to plan so I never re-formatted the discs and re-installed Windows as I had planned to, so that may be my next project!

I am looking into putting Plan-G and possibly Ultimate Traffic and ASE on my laptop and connect via simconnect, that should help.

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Hello again all.

No net for two weeks. Nice and quiet for you all !!!

Faulty RAM usually causes BSODs... not OEMs. I have never heard of FSX needing that much RAM... Win 64 it cured all my problems, but I don't use heavy duty scenery etc. like you do.

Scarey to think that your machine is being chewed up by FSX... until you remind yourself just how badly coded it is !

Apart from the obvious stuff like a dodgy BGL or duplicate BGL files - use a bgl finder - looks like you've reached the inevitable top of the curve... where the whole install is just a little too bloated.

Defragmentation is another starting point, but I'm sure you've done all that.

I often find that just one system file or DLL file can ruin everything... it easily happens too when so much software just 'installs away' without a by your leave.

I have always made hard drive backup image once running smoothly... anything goes wrong... just dial it back.

I also recommend Nick Needham's guides on Simforums. He seems to know his stuff.

Spending days or weeks tracking down the culprit is often futile, and you may be better off starting afresh.

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Hello Gabe, I thought you had been quiet, someone must have left the door open to let you back in!!

I think, scrub that, I know my FSX installation must have been affected by all the software I load and unload for reviews.

I am running flight sim on a SSD drive which of course don't need de-fragging. I have a copy of Nicks Guide somewhere and will probably try to get this machine set up properly.

Thanks for your input :001_th_smiles89:


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I second Rob's contribution.

This is what Jeremy Clarkson said in his column last Saturday - got the Sun free from WH Smiths with Sea Angler magazine - honest !!!

(I love JC as he's so like Denny - er... I mean ME ! - a miserable git is constantly irritated by everything and everyone !)

I quote:

"... [my friend may have a a super-duper internet enabled HD TV] .. but I guarantee that soon the whole system will crash. Dont argue: IT WILL. And, getting it fixed will take five years and cost eleventy-million quids... "

Sounds just like the never-ending futile attempt to get FSX running well - and stable - for any length of time; a scenario with which most simmers will certainly empathise.

He then goes on about the London bike-rental scheme being plagued by operating problems...

"... Of course it [the bike system] is... the payment system is almost certainly digital. And, that's just a fancy way of saying: IT'S BROKEN !... "

Good 'ole Jezza... he sais it, as it is ! :icon_bowdown:

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To steal a phrase, that duck has been beating on that PC for eleventy-nine years and it's still there. He's obviously using too small a hammer.


Is it any wonder some of us still cling to FS9? It just runs - you can hardly break it and on decent (not necessarily stellar) hardware, you can max out everything and plug in add-ons until the cows come home and it still just runs. It's not perfect, but it's seldom broke.



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I had 60 Ai aircraft on the ground at Aerosoft Heathrow the other day.... yes, 60. Another 30 in the air surrounded by REX 2 textures, Ultinate Terrain and 3 layers of real weather.

I was in the PMDG 747 with FS2 Crew Voice Activated version running - and I'm getting 20 -25 FPS rampaging, erm... taxiing ... around. RAM useage less than 1.7 GB, CPU temps at 55 deg. C and 60% GPU useage. Madness.

I'm changing views every 2 seconds and panning around... minimising and maximising like a nutter... desperately trying to crash the sim. No chance !!!

It is... rock solid.

It is............ FS9.

Rock on.


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  • 1 year later...

Hi Kevin,

I never really tracked it down but at the time I was recording a lot of video and changing views, I am sure that had something to do with it. Touch wood it's been ok since.

As you know FSX is notorious for memory leaks, running a lot of traffic seems to affect it as we'll.



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i suffered from this if i used an LOD radius of 8.5 combined with an ftx scenery, with ftx i have to use 4.5, occasionally i may get away with 6.5

once upon a time you could fire up fsx with impunity, now before you start fsx you have to decide whether to use a weather program, then where you want to fly so you then have to decide whether to fire up a ground enhancement program or an airport enhancer, then you have to decide what airports you are likely to use so fire up fsx and load the various scenery regions and airports and then what a/c to fly

all i can say is thank goodness we have win7 64 can you imagine trying to do all this on xp? or win98 ? mind you xp64 professional was pretty solid i still have that and fsx on a spare hard drive somwhere.

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It does only appear to be FSX yes. With the virgin .cfg file I didn't get an OOM error but did get a CTD about 5mins into the flight. I've run it through The .cfg optimiser but haven't tried the optimised file yet. I've been a bit greedy and refused to take the sliders down at all on the autogen because I'm in denial and refuse to accept I can't run hefty scenery, NGX and a while raft of hungry add-ons all at maxed out settings :P. I may have to compromise on that attitude but ONLY if every other option available to me has been exhausted :P



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Bit more research looking through http://www.simforums.com/forums/fsx-and-4gb-limit_topic39269.html and http://www.simforums.com/forums/out-of-memory-error-even-on-win-7-64-bit_topic37104.html has opened a couple of options for me in place of a complete wipeout and reinstall....

First is to take out scenery elements one by one and second is to use the tools referred to to review whether its a memory leak sonewhere or a physical RAM problem. I WILL get to the bottom of it somehow :P. .NET framework has been implicated in some circumstances and I have had some problems with .net crashes post installing a newer version that was required by Plan-G 3, so a reinstall of that may be a good idea over the weekend as well.... Plenty enough to go on with before I hit 'format' :)

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Not had your memory problems since my win Vista 32 days when my pc used to grab memory with each open app' and not give it up when apps are closed - consequently if PC was on all day it would run out of application memory. A windows re-boot before opening FSX usually got around the problem.

Have used the CPU Usage & GPU Meter desktop gadgets for a few years now - the CPU Usage gadget very useful as it not only showed how up to 4 cpu cores are being utilised but also shows how much PC RAM is being hogged in real-time.

The current version can now handle up to 16-cores.

I also use the Intel Turbo-boost indicator which shows when the 3rd gen Intel I-5 & I7 clock speeds are being increased - download free from Intel.

CPU Usage, GPU Meter and various other desktop gadgets can be downloaded for free at:


I run Win-7 Pro with 8-GBytes RAM and have not seen these memory problems - I often run FSX with Google Earth & GMax active without crashes.

As already mentioned a RAM hardware fault is most likely but years ago there were some PC viruses around which prevented applications releasing memory when not needed - but most current anti-virus s/w should pick these up if they are still around.



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