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Team Mutley for GARSA 2011...

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Love the postcard, great job. You guys are doing great, I on the other hand took some really bad time hits on this, my first rally(I completed it already). Keep up the good work, I'm root'in for ya.


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Leg 4 complete with a time of 114.13 minutes (114 mins 20 secs?). Here are some shots

Getting ready to depart


Climbing through the clouds towards the first waypoint, a touch and go


I've seen them make these descending turns to the runway at airshows....


..and I got it spot on


Taking off again and making a 180 turn towards Pitalito


More clouds :(


Another one of those descending turns to the runway


Almost there now,


Parked up and heading for the BBQ


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I've grown to like the Dove - she handles well and predictably and has a low stall speed, which is useful in Colombia, nes pas? :whis:

Looking forward to my next Leg - should be this weekend if I can finish 'playing' with the Viscount - another bl**dy lady! :thum:

Cheers - Dai. :cool:

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Just completed GARSA 2011 Leg 5 - Pitalito (SKPI) to Ipiales (SKIP). A straightforward flight

over the outliers of the northern Andes. Here we are, leaving Pitalito:


Climbing up to around 12000 feet, the terrain is somewhat undulating - here's the Quebrada



To the east, the hills descend towards the Mocoa Region:


Just over halfway, we reach the Rio Bobo resrvoir, which produces hypro electricity and is

used for trout fishing - just like the Clywedog:


As the mountains give way to the Guachucal plateau, we see San Luis ahead:


The tower suggests Runway 06, so we oblige:


And soon, her Ladyship is on final:


Flight Time was 54.53 min - and no surprises...

Here's the revised roster with times at the half way stage:

Team Mutley - GARSA 2011

Leg   From/To                              nm     Submit by    Pilot      Time

1     Bogota SKBO to Ocana SKOC            226    03 Sep 11    Dai       107.03
2     Ocana SKOC to Malaga SKLA            103    05 Sep 11    Dai        46.57
3     Malaga SKLA to Yaguarito SK53        190    08 Sep 11    Kieran     90.03
4     Yaguarito SK53 to Pitalito SKPI      208    11 Sep 11    Rob       114.13 
5     Pitalito SKPI to Ipiales SKIP        115    13 Sep 11    Dai        54.53
6     Ipiales SKIP to Cali SKCL            179    16 Sep 11    Kieran 
7     Cali SKCL to Medellin SKMD           168    18 Sep 11    Rob
8     Medellin SKMD to Necocli SKNC        152    20 Sep 11    Rob
9     Necocli SKNC to Santa Marta SKSM     220    23 Sep 11    Joe 
10    Santa Marta SKSM to Cartagena SKCG   86     25 Sep 11    Kieran 

Cheers - Dai. :cool:

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Hi Joe,

Please could you merge this to the PIREP thread when leg 6 has been flown? I am away for a couple of days this week so am getting the flights done early. Thanks

Flight time was 88.21 (i think that's 88mins 12 secs)

Lifting off from SKCL


Looks like another nice day as I make the short hop for the T+G at SK54


Coming in to land at SK54




Climbing out again, this time for the longer leg to SKMD


The day begins to turn to dusk


And then to night. Why do we always fly so slow, haha


In the absence of night lighting, this could get interesting


Almost there


With a controlled crash landing we finish the leg


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My last leg for you to post as and when ready please Joe:

Getting ready to depart


After circling around for a few minutes to gain height I can climb out of the valley and turn to course


Not a great deal to see en-route


Nice blue waters on arrival


Runway in sight


Safely down


Total time was 75.81 mins (75 mins 48 secs?)

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