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Free Battle of Britain Hurricane

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If you do, could we take up five minutes of your valuable time and ask you to provide us with some information which will be helpful to us in planning some of our upcoming projects?

We’re firm believers that you don’t get something for nothing, so if you follow the link below and complete the online survey for us we’ll provide you with a FREE Just Flight aircraft for Flight Simulator X worth £20.40!


The survey closes at midnight (UK time) on Sunday 18th September.



Normally £20.40 / €25.50 / $30.65

FREE to download once you

complete the survey!

Thank you for your time!

Best wishes,

The Just Flight crew

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Got mine! Installing it now.

I got the email from JF, and since I do have an iPad, I answered the questions and got my free Hurricane.

And as Rob said, you don't need to own one. It's just a survey. But I suppose it would be more useful to JF's research if you actually do own one.

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I have never bought anything from there site before and filled out the survey but baulked at having to give my credit info(before checkout) to someone for a free item. If I liked the free gift then it would give me an idea about there products and then, more than likely, I would then buy a product from the site and at that point give them the credit card information. I have purchased items from FSAddon and CaptSim in the past after checking out a free download from them and they never required credit card info for the free items. I sent them an email explaining this but have not heard from them. Am I in the wrong here? Just looking for opinions on this, we learn as we go.

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Brett - I think the fact that the 'free' add-on is by code rather than the free demo-like things, as used by Capt Sim. It's also a full payware add-on, so some kind of security is needed for Just Flight. So using the existing system adds both security and saves in setting up a new system.

Hope this is clear!

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Thanks for the reply. The free downloads were full AC, and I used there checkout like normal. I also created accounts with them first minus the credit info which they ask for only when doing the final checkout except in the case of free items. I use PayPal for purchases and do not give my credit card number out to the companies directly. In this case, they want me to create an account first(which includes the credit#) before going to the checkout section to have the AC sent to me. Maybe they do not use PayPal. In this day and age with our information being stolen from supposedly secure places it's best not to give out information except where absolutely necessary.

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