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Vancouver Island Revisited

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Another flight for you to look at, and it's Vancouver Island again, but bare with me for this one, I'll move onto somwhere else next time :pilotic:

It was Rex, Gex and Utx, and real world weather again, and I planned for a nice summer time take off at dawn in the Ant's Tiger Moth, hoping to get a few shot's worthy of this months screen shot competion ;) .

I'm sorry to say that British Columbia gets a lot of rainfall in the course of a year and today was going to be no exception :( .

Here's the flight plan: CYAZ Tofino to CAK4 Woss


Taking off from CYAZ Tofino, raining a bit but hoping it will clear up later on.


Just starting to get into the mountains with Long Beach and Tofino way behind me.


Still a bit overcast but at least it's stopped raining for a minute :smile:


This looks like Muchalat Lake below, and Oktwanch peaks to my right (I think ;) )


Turned out to be a nice day after all, so I made a shot from the cockpit to show how it all looks from the pilots seat :smile:


Running into a bit of a storm again and it's not going to make finding my destination easy, buy at least the Tiger Moth has GPS ;)


There's Woss airfield but it seem's to have a river running though it, must have been caused by all this rain??? (or maybe it's a UTX Fail :( ).


Trying to get lined up here, but am more than a bit put off by the river and am going a shade to fast! but I think I can pull it off ;)


!!!Wrong!!!, should have gone round again, I was going to fast and forgot there are no brakes to speak of on this thing, and ended the flight with another prang up :(

But at least I did get a few good shot's for this months comp, and saw some more stunning scenery on Vancouver Island before I move onto some other place :smile:

Thanks for looking in...Graham...

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Looked so pretty I created a flight plan and flew it myself. Great area for low and slow valley flying. Thanks for the heads up to a great spot for sightseeing. Excellent pic's.

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Thank's for the Comment's Guy's :thumbsup: ,

I'm also very pleased that Brett enjoyed the flight so much, there are a lot of very pretty place's in Canada so next time I do a nice flight I'll post a pic of the plan and a few shot's again, so it's there if you want to try it out :).


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