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Flight1 announces Instant Mission Maker Update

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Instant Mission Maker Update

Flight1 has released Instant Mission Maker version 1.04. The new version allows importing flight plan waypoints and offers several other improvements.

Instant Mission Maker is an easy to use tool for making Flight Simulator X missions. It offers a very intuitive GUI, live preview and editing of many mission objects directly in FSX, and can also instantly generate random missions. For more details, please visit the product page:


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I'm really not sure about this product. As Brett says, Instant Mission Maker does make it easier to produce relatively simple missions, but the ones that I've tried have tended to "look" easy from the designer's viewpoint but almost impossible to navigate for the user. This is because even the least complex mission logic can be 'interpreted' ambiguously, at run-time, by the FSX engine. Like any program, FSX missions have to be tested as if an idiot were to fly them - you really must take into account all possible actions by the user to prevent the mission just 'hanging'. This can happen if a trigger hasn't fired as you'd like it - maybe the user is at the right location - i.e. in the box - but the AC's IAS is too fast, so forth. Again, as Brett says, you need a more serious editor, like Jim Keir's FSXME, to debug your mission logic.

Sorry - that sounds like one of my rants! If you've not designed any missions then, I guess, this could be for you. But beware! Mission design is a compulsion - once you've got into it, you're hooked! :yess:

Cheers - Dai. :cool:

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