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Departing from Corfu X

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A light-hearted movie starring Microsoft FSX, Aerosoft Corfu X and iFly 737NG. Environment by REX HD. Voices by Radar Contact.

Code share flight, Thomas Cook using Thomsonfly ;-)

Shot with FRAPS and Sony Vegas


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Nice movie Joe, :thumbsup:

Nice bit of scenery as well (but don't tell Sabre or else he'll want me to buy that as well :secret::rofl: )

Just want to ask what are you useing to get all the different camera views? always liked the ones where the camera is fixed on the running and the plane zooms overhead, but don't know what I need to do it ?


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WaF is more of a camera placement tool, it allows you to freely move around the VC and cabin (If you have one). In aircraft pre-set views, again it allows you to to move in 6 directions and it follows the plane. In spot view there is a walk mode where you can roam around the scenery not in any relation to the the aircraft movement (The runway shot and panning past the Air Berlin taxiing, stopped car traffic etc). You can't do that in ECZA, you can place a camera anywhere in the scenery but you cannot walk away from that spot.

EZCA does most of the above (Except walk) but can also add in camera effects like head latency, bumps and shudders, so in the shot looking back towards the engine the shaky picture is generated by that. ECZA is a newer product but in my view "buggy" and difficult to use especially when recording sound and using FS recorder and FRAPs all together!

WaF is easier to use for getting good angles in screenshots whereas ECZA is more for movies AND flying in general as the screen movement effects make it more realistic.

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