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A2A Cub with Accusim - shift+x panels show black and disappear?

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Hi Guys,

I have purchased this plane and although I managed the controls in the cockpit I was unable to display the controls via the shift+x options...

So for example if I press 'Shift+3' I should be getting the 'Controls' panel displayed. Instead I see a black box where it should be, then that disappears.

I think I do not have FSX service pack 2 installed so this could be the issue but I was wondering if anyone has had this before?



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I haven't got this version of the Cub but you definitely need SP2 or FSX Acceleration.

Before you can upgrade to SP2 you need SP1 first http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=14380 then SP2 http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=8986

If you decide to buy the Acceleration Pack then these upgrades (SP1 &2) are included. Available from Amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/Flight-Simulator-Acceleration-Expansion-Pack/dp/B000VWPNPE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1320399709&sr=8-1

At the end of the day in purchasing the Cub you have already paid for support from A2A, they may have had this issue reported already and know how to resolve it.



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OK so just for future reference - I installed SP1 and 2 (don't know why I did not do this earlier) - what do you know the screens work fine now.

I actually read the manual on the spitfire and cub - this time was able to fire up the engines and take off and land (kind of) the Accusim I would recommend to everyone because it makes such a difference to the handling.

The reason why the spitfire was not firing up previously was due to me having auto-mixture checked in the settings and also not having the throttle slightly one (say 10-20%)

Cheers guys

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about 3 at the moment - find it hard taxiing because it backfires and stuff if you go too slow. I have attempted a looped the loop but crashed after a long spin lol. Thanks for the help Mutley :)

A2A Fanboy Warning :pilotic:

Jim - you'll love the A2A stuff, it takes the flying experience to a whole new level. I'd highly recommend reading the manual for the Spitfire. It's a great aircraft but it has to be handled with care. It's probably the hardest A2A aircraft to taxi, plus if you spend more than 6-7 minutes with engine started on the ground your pretty much guaranteed to over-heat the engine.

I don't know if you have rudder pedals but they help greatly when taxiing.My only other tip is to keep revs at 100 rpm stick back at all times when taxiing and keep gentle pressure on the brakes to maintain control. Don't hit brakes too hard you'll nose over in seconds - little and often on the brakes with revs at 1000 :thum:

Good luck

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Ah ok, yeah bit of a fan boy because they just hit the nail on the head with the models and the physics of the engine etc - I have not come across another model that is so tempermental as the A2A models.

I think that is where i went wrong with the rpm - I have always kept the rom stick full on when taxiing (nooby) - I will try your tip of 1000 rpm

Just a quick update thought, I managed to take off from Derby air strip (grass) and not blow the engine - I also performed a nice loop the loop and a corkscrew - after reading the manaul I have figured out some stuff and it has helped a lot. I did read the manual before but must have not taken it all in at once - a recap is the answer!!

I am going to grab hold of an old looking RAF base with a short taxiway and runway with some nice hangers - this will be my home for the spitfire - take it out tonight I think beautiful little plane. Tonight is the second landing attempt I think.

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Ah ok, yeah bit of a fan boy because they just hit the nail on the head with the models and the physics of the engine etc - I have not come across another model that is so tempermental as the A2A models.

I must be clearer with my posts Jim - I meant I'm a bit of an A2A fanboy - but if you're also one then welcome to the club :hat:

The Spitfire is very tail light and has such a narrow undercarriage that it is very sensitive - everything just gently does it and you'll soon be up every time.

This is a very helpful video for the cold start-up.

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