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Nemeth Addons 50% off at SimWare Simulations this weekend

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Sale SimWare Simulations

Nemeth Designs Helicopters

From agricultural-utility sprayers to tactical fighters !

50% discount until November 6, 2011 on all Nemeth add-ons available from SimWare Simulations.


General features overview :

• Accurate and detailed interior and exterior visual models.

• Custom exterior and interior animations.

• HD textures.

• Fully clickable dynamic virtual cockpit with 3D instruments.

• Perfectly flyable from the virtual cockpit.

• Realistic flight dynamics.

• Working machine guns for most of the fighters.

• For Flight Simulator.

I can recommend the Augusta Westland AW109 for FSX and at €13.48 it's a real bargain

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Tried to purchase Augusta Westland AW109 for FSX, but was charged at full price at checkout, will try again later.

Has anybody else had this experience or am I missing a code to enter.

Keep up the good work, love the site.

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Welcome to Mutley's Roy and thanks for the nice comment.

I agree, there's something wrong on the SimWare site, I purchased the CH-53E yesterday and the price was the discounted price in the basket/checkout, there was no need for a coupon, I'll investigate more and thanks for the heads up.


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The other offers work on the site, they have a link on their home page to promotions, but the Nemeth Designs offer no longer work. :gaah:

I wonder if Nemeth Designs have put a stop to it? If so they should have changed that page? I expect they are all over at the FS show in Lelystad this weekend as I see their support lines are closed this weekend.

I hope the offer does come back up, it's not due to end until tomorrow evening.

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After leaving a message on SimWare's site about the missing discount, they emailed yoday to say that the error is resolved. If you visit the site, the Nemeth prices are indeed cut by 50% - Huzzah!! :thum:

Here's the link

Cheers - Dai. :cool:

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