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I've used various FSX default effects in missions and attached to aircraft via the 'Smoke' function - normally without problems - until this week, that is. One of the missions I'm developing has a small bonfire and I use the fx.forestfiresmall.fx effect. When I ran that mission, yesterday, I saw this:


The dark grey squares, which are supposed to represent smoke, are missing the 'smoke' texture and, therefore, appear as, well, squares! Something had corrupted the associated texture. Could have been an add-on - but which one, eh?

Would I have to re-install FSX (Aargh!!) or was there another option? On searching the web, I found this recovery program, called:

"gauges_recovery-fsx.zip" (search for this name on AVSIM for the app) from Erik Bender a developer with a website here:


Well, Thank You, Erik - your recovery program worked a treat. No more black squares - just good old, honest smoke! :thum:

So, if you have this sort of problem - you know how to recover...

Cheers - Dai. :cool:

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