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Latest news from Just Flight!

Combat jets are approaching your PC!

Download a Just Flight classic!

Three of Just Flight’s combat jet classics are now available to purchase by download direct to your PC. Harrier Jump Jet. FS Falcon and RAF Tornado are ready to streak across the Internet to your PC. At only £9.99 / €14.95 / $19.99 for Harrier and £14.99 / €22.95 / $29.99 for the other two, getting into action has never been better value!

FS Falcon 2004

Fly the F-16 in a fantastic selection of liveries - 65 for FS2004, 29 for FS2002 and three bonus liveries for CFS3 aircraft. A wide variety of the World’s air forces are represented and you’ll even find the celebrated Tiger Meet liveries. Compatibility: FS2002/FS2004/CFS3

"The animation and attention to detail is breathtaking" Air Forces Monthly

Details on the Falcon here - http://www.justflight.com/product.asp?pid=274

RAF Tornado (FS2002/FS2004/CFS3/FSX) - £14.99/€22.95/$29.99 (74Mb)

Our best-selling Tornado expansion for FS2004/FS2002/CFS3 is a true classic and the aircraft has now been fully updated for Flight Simulator X. The FS2004/2002 versions also includes in-flight refuelling and airfield scenery of RAF Marham, RAF Lossiemouth and the Luftwaffe base at Norvenich.

“A blast to fly!

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Hello Dai,

Yes this is the Tornado I used in the video, I couldn't exactly use other peoples software :mrhappy:

It is great fun to fly and it was surprising how the scenery kept up with the aircraft blurry wise.


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